Fall gardening  /The beginning of the season

Yes indeed, this is a very exciting part of  our year as we now have the opportunity
to start fresh and make things right!

Recognizing that there are still many delicious vegatables in  the ground,  we can begin
preparing certain beds for the winter season by spreading those leaves, grass clippings
and even fairly ripe manure since there will be several months of composting in the earth.

In case you are wondering what is under the tarp in back, it is a pile of tomato plants
pulled out of this area by the roots with unripened tomatoes which we can liesurally pick
over the next few weeks.  Right now we (I) have work to do.

Once the composting material is spread roughly evenly (oxymoron),  we can use a
mulching mower to further pulverize and mix the organic materals as well as chop up any
remainuing weeds or plant stems above ground.  Fun!!

Now for the real thrill! Using the Sun Horse, or any other reliable, quiet, nonpolluting tractor with
a split plow attachment, simply plow everything under

Now we can begin daydreaming about those worms turning everything into a fine digestate
over the winter and every time it rains or snows, we will feel extra good!.

October Planting / Northern Climates
In most North American areas, certain fall plantings are appropriate such as spinach, garlic and some
onions and lettuces. Here is a man planting spinach with the gang seeder attachment.

Depending on the harshness of winter, we often enjoy Parsnips, spinach, brussel sprouts,
carrots, potatoes, onions, winter squash and Greenhouse ripened tomatoes through the end of the year. Cool!