Introducing an alternative to energy intensive farming

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The Model 2015 Low till System


A Standard Rotary Tiller

Adjustable depth from 0 to 5. Width options 40 standard and up to up to 60. Connects to standard 3PT Category one hitches

Crust Breaking Blades

Adjustable width and depth settings. Removable blades to use standard weed sweeps, cultivators or penetrating blades.

Depth Control Skids

Controls the depth of the rotary lines increasing accuracy. Serves a stand for quick connect an disconnect to the tractor

Fertilizer Bin

Accommodates all types of fertilizer. Standard template fertilizes three lines from 12 to 20 spacings. Removable filter screen. Adjustable width orifices. Metering bar spreads fertilizer evenly.

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Answering a universal call for efficient low impact farming and gardening tools the FPS lowtill system will significantly reduce the amount of time and energy required to clear stubble and prepare and fertilize the bed for growing.

By combining and customizing existing implements with our new fertilizer bin, Free Power Systems has created a system that not only adheres to low till and no plow methods but now we can place the fertilizer exclusively in line with the crops to be grown. That alone can greatly reduce the fertilizer required and also the weeds that otherwise capitalize on the wide broadcasting of fertilizers.


From turning in crops in the fall to spring planting s this system will prove to be one of the most used implements in the garden. The variable height , width and depth settings as well as the adjustable azimuth angle will give farmers and gardeners the control they need to optimize performance and reduce machine time, cost and labor



Patents applied for at the US patent office

See the Lowtill System work on youtube using mrfreepowersys as keyword.

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